Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3rd John 4 – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  One of the greatest joys that a Christian can have is for one of his converts to show spiritual growth.  Wednesday I went out soul-winning with Franco – the man who recently got saved and baptized.  He recently helped me to check a new tract that I had designed for grammatical errors, and when I gave him a stack of the finished tracts he told me, “Leave this soul-winning thing to me.  I know how to get it done.”

Well, this Wednesday we had our chance to go out soul-winning for his first time ever.  In the truck on the way to the area that I have been working, he told me that he was really excited about it, but he wanted to see it done a few times before he was the ‘talking’ partner.  When he told me that, I explained to him the jobs of the ‘silent’ partner (pray, keep distractions away, smile, etc.).  He said that that sounded like the job for him for this trip.

When we got to the area, we walked to the first door, and then prayed that God would bless our efforts.  When we looked up, this lady walked up to us and said that “It is so good to see people out doing, well, whatever you guys are doing.”  I then asked her ‘The Question”, to which she replied that she was sure that she would go to heaven because she was a good person.  We tried to explain to her that her goodness was not what God was looking for, but she wouldn’t stop talking long enough for us to really explain it to her.  We left her with a tract, which she promised that she would read while we were out, and moved on.  I told Franco that this was his 1st lesson: Be careful for Time-Wasters, those who love to talk, but aren’t interested in what you have to say.

After knocking on a few doors, a lady finally answered who was very open to talk.  We got all the way through the Gospel, but right at the point where I was going to draw the net, her husband came out with her cell phone.  Apparently, someone who hardly ever talks to them just happened to call and needed to talk.  I told Franco that this was his 2nd lesson: Satan is against the soul-winner, and will pull any trick to get the listening sinner away from a Gospel conversation.

We talked to several other people, none of which had the time or desire to talk to us.  It was getting rather discouraging.  After a few more doors the sun had completely disappeared, and our time was up.  On the way back to the truck we passed by a small general market and stopped in for a coke.  Upon entering the store Franco gave the clerk one of his 2 last tracts while I got the cokes.  While paying, I asked the clerk ‘The Question’ to which he responded that he didn’t know if he would go to heaven.  I asked if he would like to know what the Bible says about how he could go to heaven.  He nodded and into the Gospel we went.

By this time Franco’s idea of being the silent partner was completely out the window.  He was so excited to participate in the conversation on all the points that he had heard me talk to the others about earlier that night.  When Nelson (the clerk) bowed his head in the sinner’s prayer, it was all that Franco could do to contain himself.  When he lifted his head, Franco shot his hand across the counter to shake Nelson’s hand and congratulated him.  As we were leaving I told Franco that this was his 3rd lesson: Never leave on a negative visit.

The whole way back home he was telling me what a great time he had and that we needed to go again and soon!  He had come up with some ideas about how we could make the whole process work smother and for the beginning of the conversation at the door to be more accepted.  I think this night I witnessed the birth of a soul-winner.  Please pray for him that he would continue his own spiritual growth, and that he would become the man that God has planned for him to be.

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