Tuesday, November 10, 2015

English Class Salvations 01Yesterday I had the opportunity to follow up with a lead that Sandra started.  One day while she was out picking up a friend from the bus station, she had to stop and ask a police officer if she was in the right place to pick up her friend.  The kids must have caught his attention because he asked her what she believed – if she was Christian.  She replied that we are Christian missionaries from the USA.  He then asked if we taught English classes because his girlfriend was going to be traveling to the USA this year and that both of them needed to learn the language.  She told him that we do teach English, and at no cost.  She gave him our email and a tract and then went to pick up her friend.

Later that week he sent me an email asking if we were serious about teaching English classes, and if we could get together to start the class.  After a few emails back and forth, we finally settled on a day.

Yesterday Richard and Eliota came by the house for their first English lesson.  We sat down around our patio table and began to talk about their lives and then they asked about our lives as missionaries.  It was a perfect open door to present the Gospel.  After a few minutes of explaining to them the Biblical view of salvation by grace, and not by works, they both decided to ask Jesus for their forgiveness and got saved!

After about an hour of class, we decided that they would be coming back twice a week for classes, and hopefully will begin discipleship too.  The simple Gospel still works, but it needs to be shared.  I’m so glad that I have a wife who is not only willing to share me with anyone who needs to hear how to go to heaven, but also initiates the opportunities herself.

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