The Right Place at the Right Time

Friday night I had a discipleship class fall through.   It was now about 9:45 PM but I didn’t want to come home empty-handed, so I decided to go to the town center where I would be able to pass out tracts.

We have noticed that Arica seems to come to life when the sun goes down because there are always so many people just out and about.  This night was no different. There was some kind of festival that was just finishing up, so the center was loaded with people.   I was able to pass out quite I few tracts before I handed Eric one.

Eric caught my attention for several reasons:  he was alone, just sitting and not going anywhere, and still wearing his safety vest and hardhat.  Everybody else that I had given a tract to that night had no time to listen, but Eric had plenty of it.  He listened intently as I gave him the Gospel.   When I finished I asked him if he wanted to ask for this forgiveness.   He replied, “Obviously.”   We prayed right then in the middle of the downtown plaza.

When I asked for his information so I could follow up with him, he told me that he lives in Bolivia and only works in Chile during the week.   He only has a few minutes each Friday after work before his ride to Bolivia picks him up. I just happened to find him in the right place at the right time, and all because my plans for discipleship with another family fell through.  I guess the lesson here is to be flexible.

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