Maggie & Sidney

This past month has been one of the craziest months of our lives! The Lord has done so much in us personally and spiritually. The most effective thing we have learned being in Chile with the Reyes family is how to share the gospel. Though there was an issue of language barrier, we quickly learned that people are simple, and the gospel should be too. It does not have to be long and dragged out, nor does it need complexity. Through watching Bro. Steve and Mrs. Sandra love and witness to their community around them, we learned that all it takes is intention. Being intentional with people is a trait that the Reyes family has perfected to a T. They are always looking for ways to love people and share Christ with them, whether that be offering a stranger a ride somewhere, or invited the Mormons missionaries over for pie. We were able to go into grade schools and college classes and had the blessing of being able to share the gospel and see people come to Christ. We stayed busy and always on our toes as to what the day held, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! It was a joy and a blessing to share lives with the Reyes family, and learn a little of what the everyday international mission field looks like.

Trever Elkins

My stay with the Reyes family was nothing short of awesome! Whether it was traveling back and forth from town to town, going to the markets, or “seeing the sights,” they made it enjoyable and encouraging. The food was marvelous, the company even greater, and you just can’t beat the 5 star couch and the free foot warmer (he’s a little white fluffy thing named Wally). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of time spent with them and was sad when I had to leave! If you are ever looking for a place to visit in Chile, the Reyes family is my first pick! I have never had so much fun in my life, while still keeping fellowship Christ-centered. Thank you Reyes Family! I hope to come back soon!

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