Sunday, November 9, 2015

In our family church service we studied about Solomon’s wisdom.  Our focus for our children is that they will not only be wise, but that they will also do right.  The story of Solomon is so fitting because even though he was wise, he didn’t do right.  At the end of his life the Bible records that God was so angry with him that He promised to remove the kingdom from his son.  Wisdom is good, but disobedience will destroy even the wise Christian.

After the service, I had planned to make a follow-up visit with a Mormon church member that I had spoken with out soul-winning the week before.  Neither of us had had time last week when I knocked on his door, but he told me that I could return Sunday.  In fact, he called me Sunday afternoon to make sure that I was still planning to come over!  After helping Sandra finish baking a batch of chocolate chunk cookies, I left to make the visit.

One of our ministries is to the Mormons, whether they be missionaries or church members.  There are 40+ missionaries and 14 wards (churches) in our city, so having the opportunity to sit down and witness to one of them is something that we definitely take advantage of.

Carlos, the man who I was visiting with, invited me into his living room and there we discussed several points concerning Mormonism and the Bible.  It is interesting that the places in the Bible that directly oppose Mormon doctrine hardly affected him at all.  You would think that if he believed the Bible (which all Mormons say they do), then anything that clearly and directly opposed Bible teachings would be important.  However, the truth is that they are taught that if the Bible “seems” to contradict Mormon doctrine then either it is being interpreted incorrectly, or the Bible text is incorrect (either by faulty translation or by tampering with the original text).  It is also interesting to note that the first thing that Satan convinced Eve to do was to question God’s Word.  When the authority of the Bible is removed, there is nothing for the soul-winner to stand on.

What did work, however, is what I showed him about the doctrine of the Mormon church itself.  Without taking time to go into it here, I showed him several places in the Mormon doctrine that stats some outlandish things.  Upon seeing these things, his response was simply, “That’s impossible!”  He could not believe that his church could have ever taught what I was saying that it did.  He told me that either I was reading it incorrectly and did not understand what was really intended, or that it was a falsified document.  So I provided him with source references where he could go himself to find what I had told him.

After an hour and a half I left him to research the information that I had given him.  We are scheduled to visit again next Sunday.  Please pray for him that he will have an open heart and mind to the Word of God, and the simple plan of the Gospel.

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