School Teacher Needed

One of the biggest struggles we have on the mission field is the schooling of our children.  All 3 of our children are enrolled in the Abeka Academy Video Streaming program.  This is a great help to us because most of the actual classroom teaching is done by the recorded teacher, but there are still things that must be done by the ‘on-site’ teacher.  These responsibilities include monitoring the students, grading completed work, administering tests, record-keeping, and correspondence with Abeka Academy in the USA.  Although the video teachers provide the education, motoring is still a full-time job.

Sandra’s illness makes it impossible for her to fulfill these responsibilities, and my work prevents me from fulfilling these responsibilities correctly.  As a result, we have been sharing the responsibilities, but we know that it could be done better.  For this reason we are asking for help in this area.

We are looking for a single lady who would be willing to come and take over these responsibilities and view them as a ministry, thus freeing me up to be able to work the way I need to, and freeing Sandra up to be able to take care of her health in the way she needs to.  We will not be able to pay much, but we would be able to provide for all of the living expenses plus a small amount for personal purchases.  Depending on the situation, the teacher would either live with us in our home, or in a separate dwelling close to us.  It may be that there are 2 ladies that would like to come and minister as a team.

The ministry opportunities would not be limited to teaching school.  They could include helping in our church nursery, teaching English as a Second Language in a local university or school, ministering in the orphanages, or many other things.  These are only opportunities, and would not be expected.  If someone wanted to take advantage of them, I believe they would enjoy it.

We have thought long and hard about this decision, and believe it is necessary.  If the Lord lays it on your heart to come and help us, please contact me.  If you know of someone who would be interested, please give them this information.

Phone: (904) 697-1013