Salvation with Dinner on the Side

There are people who are ‘keys’ to winning others to Christ.  The woman at the well was one of these keys – she brought her city to meet Jesus.  It seems that we have also found a key in our area – Franco.  Ever since he got saved, he has been continuing with the discipleship course, has been out soulwinning with me, and tries his best to arrange opportunities for me to witness to others.

Yesterday some of his family members came to Arica to visit him: his daughter, younger son, a few nieces, a nephew, and a friend.  Because Franco doesn’t have a kitchen in his apartment, we offered to cook for his visitors.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!  After everything was done cooking, we all sat around the table and began eating.  About half-way through the meal, Franco began telling his story to them of how he got saved.  He finished by saying, “And now Pastor will tell you how you can be saved, too.”  It was so sudden that I had to wait a few seconds to finish the bite of hot dog that I had just taken, but after a few seconds, I asked them ‘The Question’.

All of them replied that they were not sure that they would go to heaven.  I explained to them the idea of free forgiveness and they were all very happy to accept it.  We prayed right there sitting at the dinner table.  It is amazing how ‘key’ Franco has been in seeing many of his family members saved.  In addition to these that I just mentioned, he has helped with the salvation of his older son, 3 of his son’s friends, his brother, his sister-in-law, and several others that we have meet in town.  All that remains of his family to be saved is his wife.  She will hopefully be coming to visit in a few days.  Please be in prayer for her that God will prepare her heart to receive the message of the Gospel also.

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