Training & Ministry Experience
My wife and I graduated from Golden State Baptist College in 2005 and immediately entered into the ministry.  For 5 years we served in full-time ministry (I as a youth pastor, principal, and teacher, and Sandra as a teacher and secretary).  During this time I had the opportunity to visit a few countries on missions trips.  On my last trip God impressed upon my heart to serve him as missionaries in the country of Chile.  We began deputation in 2009, and in 9 months we had reached our support goal.  On July 28th, 2010, we arrived in Chile.


1st Term (July 2010 - December 2012)
During our first term we learned Spanish, gained our Permanent Residency, and chose a city (Panguipulli) to begin ministering in.  For the 8 months before we moved to Panguipulli, I began to commute there to begin the work of soulwinning and discipleship.  God had sent us a chilean man to help us with our work name Luis Saez.  He was such a help to us with the work and ministry that we were doing, so much so that we began training him to take over as the pastor.  One year after we had officially started the church, we ordained him into the ministry and encouraged the church to vote him in as the senior-pastor.


2nd Term (November 2013 - April 2015)
During our first term Sandra had begun to experience some unexplained health issues.  We had come back to the US a few months earlier than we had planned for an emergency medical procedure, and had spent the remainder of our furlough trying to treat the symptoms that she was experiencing.  Once she was feeling better, we returned to Chile, but soon after we arrived, her symptoms began to return.  After the first year back she was finally diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Things did not go as planned like our first term, but God was still using us to see people saved, discipled, and their lives changed.  As we struggled, God used our limited abilities to bring people to Him.


3rd Term (August 2015 - December 2017)
We have begun working in Arica, the northernmost city of Chile.  Since arriving here God has truly blessed our efforts.  We have seen many people saved and baptized, and are discipling those who wish to grow in their new-found Christianity.  Easter Sunday, 2016, we officially started ‘Iglesia Bautista Fuente de Esperanza’ (Hopewell Baptist Church).  It has been a great blessing to watch families come and grow.  Our plan is to continue working this area, and watch how the Lord builds His church.


4th Term (August 2018 - Present)
We returned to Chile with the goal of renting a centrally located church building.  The church has reached capacity in our house, so we need a new place where we can grow.  The plan is the same as last term – continue soulwinning, discipleship, and church ministry.  The Lord has opened several opportunities for us.  The American Corner has proved to be one of the best outreach tools that our whole family can get involved in.  Assisting in the English program in several of the local schools will also be on the top priority.  Our goal in working with the schools is to not only present the Gospel to the children in the schools, but also to open the door to witnessing to their families after school.  Once we have the structure to support a Sunday School we will begin a bus route to bring the children (and their families) to the church.

God has blessed us tremendously in our efforts to serve Him.  So many of you have been the instrument that He has used to bring blessing to our family and ministry.  Thank you for your love, prayers, and support through the past decade, and may God bless you richly in all things for the blessing that you have been to us.