Eduardo and Maria

About 2 months ago I began working with a young man named Eduardo.  He and his wife, Maria, bad been having some difficulties, and were therefore open to talk.  It’s amazing to me how often God uses times of difficulty to draw us closer to Him.

The first night that I met Eduardo, we talked about the problem that was going on in his family, and also presented a solution – the marriage triangle.  I explained to him that if he wanted to get closer to his wife, he would first have to get closer to God.  “How do I do that?” he said.  From there it was fairly simple to lead him to Christ.

He immediately began discipleship, and consistently met with me each week.  After learning about Biblical baptism, he wanted to do it right away.  So one Saturday he met us at the beach and his wife and son came to watch his baptism.  I had not yet met Maria and had not had an opportunity to witness to her.  On the beach we explained again to everyone exactly what Biblical baptism was, and then Eduardo and I went into the ocean far enough to get him all the way under.  Timing it with the waves was interesting, but it worked.  When we came back to the group an the beach we presented Eduardo with a BEAMS Bible, and then began witnessing to Maria.  She also accepted Christ as her Savior!

We continued the discipleship course as before, but now Maria was joining in.  It was wonderful to watch her grow as her husband explained Biblical truths to her that I had only recently taught him.  Then last week, after studying about what a Biblical church was, she told we that she been thought through the idea of baptism and was convinced that she needed to do it.

Last Saturday afternoon we all met again at the beach in the same place that Eduardo got baptized and helped Maria to follow her husband in believer’s baptism.  Afterwards we presented her BEAMS Bible.  For the next few hours we talked while the kids played in the waves.  What a blessing to have a free, warm-water baptistery!

God is blessing our efforts here in Arica.  Thank you for continuing to pray for us.  Like with anything, there are good days and bad days, but in 100 years, only what we have done for Christ will matter.  I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to serve.

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