Discipleship Turned Soul-Winning

For the past few weeks Josiah has been wanting to go out soul-winning with me, and this Thursday I needed him to go with me because I was going to go and disciple a lady who I had led to the Lord a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t soul-winning, but he was excited just the same.

There were 3 families who had scheduled to have discipleship class this after noon, but 2 of them canceled.  The one who didn’t cancel however, turned out to be just what the Lord had planned for us.  Catalina, the lady who we were going to visit, was excited to see us, and was pleased to see Josiah again, who had brought his coloring book and markers for the time in the class.

We studied about Baptism, and the 3 things that makes someone’s baptism valid: 1 After Salvation, 2 by Submersion, and 3 Administered by a Biblical Church.  After I teach on this subject, I always tell people that it is not my job to tell them what to do, but rather to inform them of what the Bible says to do.  After the study I asked her if she felt like she had seen enough Bible to know what to do next.  She said that she felt very well informed.

Just as Josiah and I were getting ready to leave, her 18-year old son came in.  Catalina introduced us, and then I gave him a tract and asked him ‘The Question’.  He said that he hoped that he would go to heaven, because after all he wasn’t a bad person.  It was great witnessing to him with his mother right there because she was able to see how that everything that we had been talking about played into the conversation.  At the end, he decided to accept his forgiveness and prayed to get saved.  They both want to continue the lessons, and I believe that they will be getting baptized soon.  Please pray for that.

On the way home Josiah was super excited because all along he wanted to go soul-winning.  Turns out that he was able to see someone saved even though it wasn’t part of our plan.  Never pass up an opportunity to witness, you never know what God will do with it.


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