Christmas Cookies

One of the neat things about our ministry here in Chile is that we bring some new/foreign ideas to the people here.  One of our family Christmas traditions is making decorated gingerbread cookies.  In the States this is pretty normal, but here it is almost unheard of.  I don’t remember exactly how the conversation started, but some of the ladies that were at the Christmas service found out that Sandra knows how to make gingerbread cookies, and were asking if they could come back to our house sometime so Sandra could teach them.

A few days later 2 of the ladies came to the house and the gingerbread making began.  From 3PM to 10PM we were making cookie dough, cutting them out, baking them, decorating them, and of course sampling them.  The kids had such a good time, and Sandra was able to share some influence.  I am always happy for the times that she is able to play an active part in the ministry here.  She may not be able to go out door-2-door soulwinning, but she does have an influence on the people that we are working with.

At the end of the day everyone was able to take several decorated gingerbread cookies home, and our hearts are now a little closer-knit.  Please pray for us that our efforts will be multiplied in the hearts of those whom we minister to here in northern Chile.

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