Church Member Now Saved

A few months ago we were introduced to Karina.  She had been attending a church in Tacna, PERU, but livid in Arica, CHILE.  She was so excited that we were going to be starting a church in Arica!  She told us to let her know when we started so that she could attend.  True to her word, she came to the Christmas service a few weeks ago.  She also sand that she was interested in the discipleship course that we offer.

This last Wednesday we were finally able to line up the time and day and Josiah and I went to study step #1 – Salvation.  Her sister, who has been a member of the church in Tacna, PERU, for 7 years, was visiting this day and was also excited to attend the class.  We studied several aspects about salvation: what it is called, how you get it, and how long it lasts.

After finishing the study, I asked her to tell me about the time when she got saved.  She answered that she has “received the Lord” about 2 years ago in a church in central Chile.  That phrase caught my attention because it is generally what the evangelical churches use to describe the time that they dedicate themselves to obeying the Bible.  Right then we put the conversation in reverse and I asked her ‘The Question’ to which she replied that she wasn’t sure if she would go to heaven.  Right down the Roman’s Road we went and she accepted the free forgiveness that Jesus offers.  At some point in the presentation of the Gospel, she told me that she had never understood that our forgiveness is completely free and without strings attached.  She had always thought that one had to somehow do something to earn his forgiveness.  This little book has helped me to understand that the only thing that I can do to get saved is accept what Jesus has already done for me.  Thank you, she said, for taking the time to come and study with me.  I’ll see you Sunday!

Black Friday

Black Friday for us was much different than it was for many people.  Thanksgiving evening was spent visiting with a Chilean Christian family.  They had asked us earlier in the day if they could come over and talk about some things that they wanted some counsel on.  The visit lasted until late in the evening, so Black Friday morning was spent sleeping in, instead of in a line waiting for some store to open.  Even Elisha, who generally wakes up around 7:00 AM, slept until after 11:00 AM.  That never happens!

A little after I had woken up, I received a call from a friend who was stuck down town with a car that wouldn’t start.  I went to go help them to pull their car to the mechanic.  I was so happy because this time my truck was at the front end of the rope, and not the back!  Needless to say, we have had to have our truck pulled several times since being here.

Soon after I returned home, Lily and I had to rush over to the dentist for her monthly tightening of her braces.  When she was finished we ran a few errands and then rushed home for dinner – leftover Thanksgiving dinner!

After dinner I had to hurry and finish printing the discipleship booklets that we needed for the classes that evening.  Josiah and I took Franco and his brother with us into town, and as we drove both Franco and I witnessed to his brother.  We had just finished presenting the Gospel and drawing the net as we arrived at our destination-the place in the road where I first met Franco.  We prayed right there in the truck.  After we finished, Franco was so happy that his brother, who he had been praying for and witnessing to over the phone, was now saved.

We dropped Franco and Ruben off, and continued to our first discipleship class.  It was sweet to see Eduardo (who has been saved for 2 months now) re-read the booklets with his wife, Maria, who only recently has gotten saved.  It is wonderful to see the Lord working in their lives.  After we finished there, we drove to a nearby neighborhood where our second meeting was.  Catalina and her son Diego have both recently gotten saved and have begun discipleship.  We finished there at 11:00 PM, and then headed to our last class.  Cristian and Marisa, who have also recently gotten saved, can only study late at night because of his work schedule.  We enjoyed the time studying, and then started for home.

On the way have, Josiah told me that he should always go with me because each time that we have gone out someone has been saved.  I think his wanting to go again also might be influenced by the 2 cups of yoghurt, 2 pieces of Christmas bread, the cup of juice, 3 toy cars, playtime with the kids in the homes we visit, and staying out until 1:00 in the morning with dad.  In any case, I was glad to have his help and company.

Discipleship Turned Soul-Winning

For the past few weeks Josiah has been wanting to go out soul-winning with me, and this Thursday I needed him to go with me because I was going to go and disciple a lady who I had led to the Lord a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t soul-winning, but he was excited just the same.

There were 3 families who had scheduled to have discipleship class this after noon, but 2 of them canceled.  The one who didn’t cancel however, turned out to be just what the Lord had planned for us.  Catalina, the lady who we were going to visit, was excited to see us, and was pleased to see Josiah again, who had brought his coloring book and markers for the time in the class.

We studied about Baptism, and the 3 things that makes someone’s baptism valid: 1 After Salvation, 2 by Submersion, and 3 Administered by a Biblical Church.  After I teach on this subject, I always tell people that it is not my job to tell them what to do, but rather to inform them of what the Bible says to do.  After the study I asked her if she felt like she had seen enough Bible to know what to do next.  She said that she felt very well informed.

Just as Josiah and I were getting ready to leave, her 18-year old son came in.  Catalina introduced us, and then I gave him a tract and asked him ‘The Question’.  He said that he hoped that he would go to heaven, because after all he wasn’t a bad person.  It was great witnessing to him with his mother right there because she was able to see how that everything that we had been talking about played into the conversation.  At the end, he decided to accept his forgiveness and prayed to get saved.  They both want to continue the lessons, and I believe that they will be getting baptized soon.  Please pray for that.

On the way home Josiah was super excited because all along he wanted to go soul-winning.  Turns out that he was able to see someone saved even though it wasn’t part of our plan.  Never pass up an opportunity to witness, you never know what God will do with it.