Soulwinning – The Heart of God

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In this age of mass evangelism and media-preachers, it seems the art of personal soul winning has fallen by the wayside.  A great majority of all Christians have never led another person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  This must break God’s heart!

In this insightful book, Michael Ray inspires the church to renew its zeal for lost souls.  This practical guide will be a valuable tool for the person who has never led another to Christ and to the experienced soul winner alike.  Here’s what leading men of God are saying about this book:

“Mike Ray knows what he is talking about. This is not from a man who learned soul winning in a theory class, but in the laboratory of human experience. I enthusiastically recommend the book and its author.” – Dr. Jack Hyles, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana

“I have read this book and was thrilled to see such clear, concise and convincing material in print concerning the great matter of personal soul winning.  May God bless this book and bring us all back to personal soul winning.” – Dr. Bob Gray, Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas

“I’ve been teaching on soul winning for many years and I’ve never read anything better than this.  It’s tremendous!  It inspires and motivates men to do the ministry that is the heart of the Lord.  Pastor Mike Ray is one of the greatest personal soul winners I’ve known.  He is well qualified to write this book.” – Dr. Carl Hatch, Evangelist

“Convincing.  Inspiring.  Challenging.  Motivating.  Heartwarming.  These words describe the book Soulwinning The Heart of God by Pastor Mike Ray.  I highly recommend this book to every reader.  Not only did it speak to me personally, but I am very excited about getting this book into the hands of every one of our church members.” – Dr. Jack Trieber, North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Clara, California

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