Another Soul Saved

We met Mei at the American Corner a few months ago.  She is a university student who comes to the American Corner quite often.  2 Weeks ago I had the opportunity to witness to her, and she got saved.  It is amazing to see how God will increase someone’s faith by simply listening to the Gospel!  A question that I regularly ask people immediately after they get saved is, “Now that you are a child of God, what kind do you want to be – obedient or disobedient?”  Mei’s response was, “Obedient, obviously.”  She then agreed to come to church to learn more about God’s Word.

Last Sunday Mei came to the church service.  How exciting!  Lily went to sit by her and shared her Bible for the Sword Drills and also the sermon.  I preached that night on the ‘The Umbrella of Authority’.  It was kind of interesting because it doesn’t ever rain here, but the concept was understood.

After the service Mei stayed spoke with Sandra for a while, and then told us that she really enjoyed the church service and would be back the next week.  Yesterday we saw her again at the American Corner, and she told us that she told one of her friends about the church and that she would be joining her this Sunday.

Next month she will begin to study the ‘One Step’ discipleship series written by Pastor Mike Ray.  Please pray for her that she will continue to grow and learn about what God has planned for her.

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