A Trip to the Hospital

The other day we were finishing up some work when our neighbor, Amari, walked up to our front door holding bloody hands.  She had been washing a glass cup that was chipped on the brim and had sliced the area between her thumb and index finger.  She was quite scared because she had no idea what to do.  Sandra got me some paper towels and I put them on the cut and then applied pressure.  After holding it there for about a minute, I had her to continue while we got what we needed together to run to the hospital. Amari, Franco, Sergio (Franco’s son), and I got into the truck and zoomed to the hospital.

I dropped them all off at the front entrance and then circled back around to find a place to park.  There is no parking provided at the hospital, and it is located in one of the busiest areas in town, making parking a very difficult situation.  Finally, I found a spot, parked the truck, and then headed over to the hospital to join with the others.  They had registered her with the front counter and were now waiting for her to be called.  She was still holding the same bloodied paper towels.

After about a half-hour of waiting, I asked the front desk (who was just a lady with a notebook sitting behind a folding table) how much longer she had to wait.  She told me that there were people who had been waiting since 11:00 that morning, and it was now about 5:00 in the afternoon!  Turns out that she had forgotten to write her name in the book, so now everyone that had come in during the half-hour was now ahead of us in line.  After a bit of convincing, she wrote her name on a separate piece of scrap paper and then disappeared behind the doors.  About 5 minutes later, Amari was called.

They took her and 3 others to one of the side rooms to collect financial and personal information, and traded her paper towels with a formal bandage, but still didn’t begin the treatment of cleaning and stitches.  They then sent her back out to wait until her name was called again.

We all went outside so we could wait in the fresh air.  Franco and Sergio excused themselves so they could go buy something to eat, leaving me with an opportunity to ask Amari ‘The Question’.  She responded that she probably wouldn’t be going to heaven.  She already believed in God and the Bible, but was knew that she was not living in accordance to what the Bible teaches.  The funny thing is that she is the type of person that would probably not give us the time of day if she were not in the exact situation that she was currently in.  After explaining how free forgiveness works, I asked her if she wanted to receive it.  The enthusiastically replied, ‘Yes!’

We still had a few hours of waiting ahead, but at least now we could see the reason that all this happened.  Franco told me that he had noticed that many of the people that we were seeing saved, including himself, had to pass through a difficulty so that they would be open to hearing the Gospel.  “I wish that all that had to happen to me was a trip to the hospital.  I would rather have received 1,000 cuts like Amari did rather than go through what I had to.  However, I’m glad that God saved me.”

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