4th Service and 3 Saved

Today we had our 4th church service.  Each week so far we have had some remarkable things happen.  This time was no exception.  Friday evening Franco’s wife (Sandra) was able to come to Arica because it was a holiday weekend in Bolivia, and is staying until Monday morning.  This was great because she was able to come to church today with her family.

Normally, I try to witness to people before they come to a church service, but with Sandra we had not had the chance to so far.  The message was about the benefits of belonging to a biblical church, and several points of the message touched on different aspects of salvation.  Not only was it good for Sandra to hear, but also for the others who have only recently been saved themselves.

By the time the message was over, the message of salvation had been throughly explained.  In the invitation I asked if there was anyone who had not yet made a decision to become an active part of a biblical church but wanted to make a decision to do so, and several people raised their hands.  The second question was that if anyone was not totally sure that they would go to heaven when they died.  At this point Sandra, along with 2 other people (1 a new visitor), all raised their hands.  After the invitation and a brief Q&A time, they all came to talk to me about how they could be saved.  We sat down and explained the plan of free forgiveness using the Wordless Book, and all 3 got saved!

Sandra, the kids, and I were very excited about all that had happened, but not nearly as excited as Franco was.  Finally, all of his family was saved.  What a blessing that we get to be here in Chile leading whole families to Christ.  Thank you for all your prayers, and for the many of you who help us to be able to stay on the field.

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