Jr. Church

2 Weeks ago we started Jr. Church. ¬†Up until then the children and babies had been in the service with the adults. ¬†We had been wanting to start a kid’s class, but the timing had not been right, but that has all changed now. ¬†There are 8 kids and 4¬†babies that regularly come to church with our families, plus any visitors. ¬†We made these benches and a stackable crip/changing table to be able to fit in the small room in the back of the church. ¬†So far the kids have been loving the class with Sandra teaching, and the mothers have been letting their babies stay in the cribs when they can. ¬†After the first kid’s class I asked them who was a better teacher, me or Sandra. ¬†Sandra won hands down!

benches crib